Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions to help you better navigate our community and platform.
If you cannot find an answer or have any feedback, please send an email to us.

Empowering design professionals and homeowners, Material Dada is the easiest way to source, sample, order and organise – giving you more time, more control and help you deliver your projects with ease. 

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Material Dada is not just a marketplace but it is also a tool for your project needs. We take you from inspiration and sourcing right through to sampling, curating material boards and quote/order management. All in one place, and always for free.

In addition to this, you can discover thousands of iconic products and emerging brands in our marketplace. Get quotes and place order from trusted suppliers with the knowledge that Material Dada is working behind the scenes to ensure that you receive the best possible service on the platform.

Material Dada is now available to both trade professionals and homeowners.

BUT interior designers, architects, contractors, developers, and other professionals delivering interior projects will have exclusive access to Material Dada’s full range of features and trade pricing.

To create an account on Material Dada, simply sign up and enter your information. You will receive an email from us to verify your account in order to start using Material Dada.

For trade users, our team will verify your details and email you within 24 hours to set up your account!

You can access your buyer profile by clicking on the icon at the top right corner, followed by My Profile. Here you are able to make changes and remember to click on Save when you’re done.

To protect your account, certain fields such as email and company name are not editable via the platform. Should you require any changes to these details, please contact our Customer Support team. You can find us by clicking 'Contact Us' at the bottom of the page.

You can change your password from your Material Dada account. Open your account menu by clicking the icon at the top right. Select Account Settings and under 'Password Change', enter your current and new password and click Save.

If you have forgotten your password, click on ‘Forgot Password?’ on the Material Dada log in page. Alternatively, you can Click Here to be redirected.

Under My Accounts, you will find your address book. You are encourage to save your office address and new project addresses here and update it as needed. This allows easy use of the platform without having to input address details each time you checkout or request quotes. Once it is saved into your address book, you can manage your projects and its respective materials with more ease.

You will need to set an address as Primary, which by default, will be where your samples will be sent to – usually this is your office address or your place of residence if you are currently working from home.

Select Account Settings by clicking the icon on the top right. On the Account Settings page, you will be able to turn on/off email notifications and/or newsletters as well as select the types of in-platform notifications you wish to receive.

Alternatively, at the bottom of emails from Material Dada, you have the option to Unsubscribe. Click on this option to opt out of any marketing emails. You will still receive email notifications relating to orders/quotes/payments, which are integral for your use of the platform.

We'd be sorry to see you go! If you would like to delete your Material Dada account, please contact Customer Support. They will be able to help you process your request.

There are a few ways to find the right products quickly on Material Dada. You can enter keywords of what you are looking for in the Search bar, or browse the Categories & Brands along the navigation bar

Want to narrow down your search results? You can easily filter your search on Material Dada to make sure you find exactly what you’re looking for!

Once your results have loaded you can filter by colour, size, sub-categories, pattern type, pattern density, country of origin and more. You can also choose to sort by Relevance, New In or Price: Low to High/ High to Low from the dropdown button at the top right.

With a simple toggle of the ‘Sample Available’ button at the top left, you will be able to view products that offer samples and those that do not.

If the supplier has made these files available, you can download them from the product page under ‘Spec. Sheet’; within the product description section. If you do not see any files for download, send a message to the supplier by clicking on the Messages icon, they should be able to share more information with you.

To request samples, simply click on the Request Sample button on the product page; beside the product image. Continue this process again for each sample that you like to request for. When you are all set, remember to go to My Cart to Checkout your samples. Samples are usually offered for free, capped at a maximum of 2 pieces and always delivered to your primary address (i.e. your workplace).

To track and view your list of sample requests, click on My Orders followed by the Samples tab. This list also allows for easy ordering once you have viewed and decided that the samples you received are suitable for your project.

Important Note: Sample Request is currently available for trade accounts only. For personal account users, please contact and our friendly service team will be delighted to assist you in consolidating what you need or you may wish to send a message to the suppliers through the platform to discuss and request from them.

You can get a quote directly from the product page while browsing the marketplace. Simply click on the ‘Get A Quote’ button.

A pop up should appear where you will be required to fill up details such as the project title (i.e. address), type and deadline. Here you will also be able to upload a file such as a layout plan or construction drawing as well as leave additional notes for the supplier. These information – important that they are accurate – allows the supplier to have a good understanding of the project that they are to quote for.

What Happens Next

The supplier will be notified and get back to you with a quote as soon as possible. Go to My Quotes to view quote status so that you can keep an eye on how everything is progressing! When a supplier has responded to your quote, the ‘View Supplier’s Quote’ link will be available under the quote status.

If you need an update on your quote or simply want to ask the supplier a question, click the ‘Message Supplier’ button under each related quote request. You should hear back within 1-2 working days but if you haven't received a response don't worry – contact our Customer Support team and we will follow this up for you.

You can place orders through 2 ways – directly from the product page while browsing the marketplace or from a supplier’s quote response.

Through Product Page

Enter your choice of size, colour and quantity and simply click on the ‘Place Order’ button. A pop up should appear where you will be required to fill up details such as the project title (i.e. address), type and expected delivery due date. Check that you have entered the right details. Continue this process again for each product that you like to order. When you are all set, remember to go to My Cart to Checkout.

Through Supplier’s Quote Response

On the quote you have received from the supplier, check the details and supplier payment terms to make sure they are correct. When you are happy with the quote and ready to place your order, click on ‘Place Order’ button at the bottom right. This brings you to the Checkout page to confirm the order.

Currently, we only accept electronic bank transfer or ATM payments. For us to verify your payment, an image of the e-banking or ATM receipt will need to be uploaded for our reference and verification.

Payment by You

To make payment yourself, follow the on screen instructions and make sure the details you have entered are correct. You can also choose to pay later but remember to do so within 6 hours from the time the order is placed. Your order will be auto-cancelled by the system if no bank receipt is uploaded within this period.

Payment by Colleague

You can get your colleague to make payment on your behalf within this 6-hour period. We understand that as a business, payment may be in the hands of your colleagues in the finance team.

Click on ‘Send a copy of these details to my finance team’ and enter the email address of the intended recipient. A copy of the instructions and payment amount, will then be shared with a colleague who will be making the payment.

If you would like to pay/upload receipt later, click on ‘I DO NOT HAVE RECEIPT. UPLOAD LATER’ button and your order will be held for the 6-hour period. Once payment is made by you or your colleague, go to My Orders and click on the Pay button to upload the respective receipt.

The status on your order will be ‘Pending Payment’ until your payment receipt is uploaded and verified by us. Once your payment has been verified, the status will change to ‘Payment Verified’ and the supplier will be notified to start processing your order.

If you have made a transfer and after 3 business hours your order is still showing as Pending Payment or Cancelled, please contact Customer Support.

Be sure to double check all details including costs, delivery expectations and the platform and supplier’s terms & conditions, prior to making payment.

As we strive to serve you better, we are open to your suggestions on other modes of payment that could work for you. Kindly share your feedback with our Customer Support team.

Selected suppliers may offer the option of 2-part payment on the platform. The 1st payment is to be made when you place an order and the 2nd part payment is to be made upon product ready to ship or delivered – this depends on the supplier’s preferred payment type. We encourage you to read the supplier’s terms & conditions (often at View Supplier’s Quote or under product description on product info page) carefully before placing an order.

When you are due for the 2nd part payment, you will receive a ‘Pending Balance Payment’ status update via My Orders. The same payment method applies but you are expected to make the payment within 48 hours of this status update. In case you missed this, a reminder email will also be sent with an additional 24 hours grace period. To protect our suppliers, the platform reserve the rights to cancel your order and/or temporarily suspend your buyer account, should we not receive any payment following this extended grace period.

The invoices for your orders will be attached and available for you to download from My Orders page. Just look under the payment amount, you will see a View Invoice button showing all related invoices to an order. If you have any questions or feedback on an invoice, please contact our Customer Support team.

You can find all your quotes, sample requests and orders in the navigation menu under My Quotes and My Orders. Here you are able to keep track of the status of each order, sample or quote response.

The dropdown button on the top right also enables you to filter the list by the various Status.

To cancel an order from My Orders list, you can do so whenever you see the x Cancel button. If this button is no longer available, it will mean that the order is currently under Processing by the supplier. Please send a message to the supplier directly via the Messages tab or contact Customer Support. At the processing stage, it will be up to the sole discretion and terms of the supplier whether to accept or decline the cancellation request.

Cancelled by You, Supplier or Admin (Before Order Processing)

Do not fret if payment was made, we will arrange for a full refund to be processed immediately and you should see it reflected in your bank statement within 1-2 business days.

Cancelled by You (During Order Processing)

Once a private agreement is made between you and the supplier for an order to be cancelled, the supplier must send his/her confirmation to Material Dada confirming such agreement. Material Dada will then arrange for a refund or partial refund according to your agreement with the supplier. For more information, please read our Return & Refund Policy

If there are any issues with your order, your first step is always to contact the supplier by sending a message on your order via the Messages tab. When you buy on Material Dada, you are buying directly from the supplier. All queries and complaints should be first raised and communicated to the supplier.

Material Dada will always be here to help in these cases. If you need further support or simply don't have time to liaise for responses, please contact Customer Support at the ‘Contact Us’ link at the bottom of the page.

Whenever you see a Chat icon or a ‘Message Supplier’ button on the platform, you can click on it to start a conversation with the respective supplier.

Alternatively, open the profile icon at the top right corner and click on the Messages tab. Here you can start a new conversation or view your chat history with suppliers. Enter the name of the supplier you wish to communicate with, type your message in the textbox and hit send. You should receive a response within 24 hours.

Suppliers may message you using the Messages feature on occasions where they have questions about your quote requests or orders. Do note that suppliers cannot provide pricing in Messages as this is in breach of the supplier agreement and may impact their listing on the platform.

Your order will be fulfilled by the supplier you are purchasing from and they are responsible for all delivery and logistics unless previously agreed with you. As such, delivery orders and updates will also be provided independently by individual suppliers.

While we request for your delivery due date to provide supplier the information required to schedule the delivery timely, we recommend verifying lead and delivery times before placing an order, to ensure that your expectations for delivery are met!

Material Dada’s policy on cancellation, returns & refunds can be found here. Always make sure to familiarise yourself with our policy and individual supplier’s terms and conditions before placing an order.

We highly encourage our buyers to check your item(s) and read the descriptions and terms carefully, especially for orders placed via quotes where part payment and supplier’s individual terms and conditions are available. If you require any assistance and clarifications on our policies, you may contact our Customer Support team at

You are only able to request for a return and refund within 3 business days from the date the item(s) are delivered. At the order listing on My Orders page, you will see a ‘Return & Refund’ button under the Delivered order status. Click on it to initiate a return and refund request. If there is no such request from you within this 3 business days from date of delivery, the order will be taken as Completed and payment will be released to the supplier.

For more information, please read our Return & Refund Policy