Return & refund policy

Subject to the terms and conditions in this Return & Refund Policy and the Platform's Terms of Service, Buyer may apply for the cancellation or return & refund of the purchased items (‘Item’) prior to the expiry period as stated here.


  1. Before Order Processing

    If you change your mind and decide to cancel your order or any item(s) in your order, you will be able to do so by clicking on the x CANCEL button available on My Orders page. If payment had already been made, Material Dada will arrange for a refund. This mode of cancellation is available before the order status is Processing.

    In the event that a cancellation is initiated by the Supplier or the Platform, an explanation will be provided and full refund will be made. It could be due to the item(s) being out of stock for instance. You may check My Orders page and click on the Cancelled status to view reason provided.

  2. During Order Processing

    If you would like to request to cancel an order when an order is Processing, this will be up to the discretion and terms of the Supplier. Please send a message to the Supplier via the Messages tab. The Supplier should respond within 24 hours. If you haven’t had a response in this time, you may contact our Customer Support team, who will follow up on your behalf.

    As the order is processing at this point, you may be subjected to a restocking fee (example: 20% of the price sold per line item) due to logistics and handling. This fee and % will be up to the discretion and terms of the Supplier.

    Once a private agreement is made between you and the Supplier for an order to be cancelled, the Supplier must send his/her confirmation to Material Dada confirming such agreement. Material Dada will then arrange for a refund or partial refund according to your agreement with the Supplier.

    We highly encourage our Buyers to check your item(s) and read the descriptions and terms carefully before placing an order, especially for orders placed via Quotes where part payment and supplier’s individual terms and conditions are available. If you require any assistance and clarifications on the terms, you may contact our Customer Support team at

Do take note that cancellations do not include items that are custom-made or on clearance.

In the event you wish to cancel your existing order and place a new order, kindly note that a new delivery lead time will have to be taken into consideration at the time of new purchase.


Buyer may only apply for return and/or refund the item(s) in the following circumstances:

To request for return & refund, Buyers will need to go to My Orders page and select the ‘Return & Refund’ button. You are required to raise this request within 3 business days from the time the item(s) is Delivered. If we do not receive any request for return & refund within this period, we take it that you are satisfied with the order. The order will be classified as Completed and the purchased monies will be released to the Supplier.


To enjoy a hassle-free experience when returning the item(s), Buyer should ensure that the item(s), including any complimentary items such as accessories that come with the item(s), must be returned to Supplier in the condition received by Buyer on delivery. We will recommend Buyer to take a photo of the item(s) upon receipt.

In the scenario of an unforeseen error from the Supplier's end (i.e - damaged, faulty or wrong product delivered to the Buyer), the Supplier will be responsible for collecting back the items or will bear Buyer's return shipping fee by way of direct reimbursement of this fee to the Buyer.

In the scenario where both Seller-Buyer is disputing the party liable for the return shipping fee, Material Dada at its sole discretion will determine the party liable for the return shipping fee.

The return of items will need to be arranged no later than 3 business days upon a ‘Return & Refund Accepted’ status update. Supplier must send his/her confirmation to Material Dada within 3 business days upon receipt of the return item. Thereafter, the refund will be processed.


Material Dada will arrange for a full or partial refund (depending on the agreement) to be processed immediately. You should see it reflected in your bank statement within 1-2 business days.

All refunds will be credited back to the original mode of payment (i.e. bank transfer). Material Dada reserves the right to change the mode of refund and will notify you in such instances.


If a Return & Refund request is declined by the Supplier, you are encourage to message the Supplier to resolve the dispute. The Supplier should respond within 24 hours. If you haven’t had a response in this time, you may contact our Customer Support team, who will follow up on your behalf.

In the event where Buyer has commenced legal action against Supplier, Buyer may provide the formal notification from the appropriate authority to Material Dada to request Material Dada to continue to hold the purchase monies until a formal determination is available. Material Dada will, at its sole and absolute discretion, determine whether it is necessary to continue to hold such purchase monies.

Material Dada encourages Buyer and Supplier to communicate with each other in the event where problem arises in a transaction. As Material Dada is a platform for Users to conduct trading, Buyer should contact Seller directly for any issue relating to the item(s) purchased.

Always make sure to familiarise yourself with this policy and individual Supplier’s terms and conditions before placing an order.